South Africa is a very large country, 1.2 million square kilometers. Because of our topography South Africa has many different ecological-systems and diversity of habitat and animals, unknown in any other African country. South Africa has 29 antelope species alone and is the only country where you can hunt the complete Big Five in one safari.



KRUGER AFRICAN SAFARI’S has the policy to take their clients to the hunting areas where the animals occur naturally and where the trophy quality is best. We have hunting rights all over the country because we only hunt Quality and will go through great lengths to provide our clients with the best trophy possible. We concentrate our hunts mainly in the Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga Province because that is where the biggest trophies can be found. The main camp and hunting area is in the Limpopo Province, which is situated in the north of the country. We hunt in the Tom Burke, Swartwater, Baltimore, Lephalale and Marnitz area and is close to the Botswana border. We hunt from two main camps, luxurious and with five star treatments. The hunting areas consist of game ranches, private nature reserves and community land. The hunting areas varies in size from 1500 hectares to asia top casino Bonus TopBonus BetJackpot Real Cillap 13 000 hectares and covers a total of 49 000 hectares. We also hunt areas exclusively for bow hunters only and it covers a total of 17 000 hectares. In Mpumalanga we hunt the high plains and mountains. Here you would find open plains and rolling hills with high open mountains. It is open country and the horizon is endless. The total hunting area in this province is 22 000 hectares. No effort is spared to obtain the finest possible trophies for you and to make your hunt the experience of a lifetime!


We hunt in the central part of Mozambique next to the famous Marromeu Buffalo Reserve near Marromeu. This area (Coutada 14) covers 170,000 hectares and has big groups of especially Buffalo and Elephant. Up to 300 Buffalo in one herd is not uncommon.This area is very flat and consists of open grass lands, rivers, swamps and tropical forest. Apart from the big game there is also plenty plains game species to be hunted.

In the night you can still hear the African drums beating their message through the African sky. Nothing beats the sound of the “bush telegraph” beating out the message of a great trophy being hunted. This is hunting in the true sense of the word, hard but an unforgettable experience.

We also hunt in the Tete Province on the northern banks of the famous Caborra Bassa Dam which is in the Zambezi River. This area is approximately 400,000 hectares, Here we mostly hunt Elephant, Big Cats, Roan, huge Corcodile and Hippo. Plains game species can also be combined with big game. We also do fishing charters for the famous tiger fish in this area.