Erwin Kruger welcomes you at Kruger African Safari’s. Erwin Kruger grew up in the Limpopo Province on a ranch and started hunting at a very young age. He started out with a sling shot and in time progressed as such that he shot his first Kudu at the age of 10. He is a superb hunter and his knowledge of the African bush and animals is outstanding, practical experience of the African bush is always the best teacher. Erwin Kruger is not only a hunter by heart but also a peoples person, loves to share all his experience and knowledge with other people, especially children who just started hunting. If you teach them at a young age to hunt ethically, it can only be a plus for the future of the hunting sport. casino mobile Slot Best sex dating Bonus BestRated Bet

After many years of hunting as a freelance professional hunter , a dream became a reality when he decided to start his own Safari Company, Kruger African Safari’s. Times were tough, but it was worth it! Words can’t describe the feeling you get when you see the smile or get a hand shake from a satisfied client for a job well done. For him, hunting is not only about shooting animals, it is the sweat, stalking and the feeling of total relaxation when you are in the African bush, stories told around camp fires and making new friends.

Come and join us for a truly unforgettable experience and let the spirit of Africa fill your heart and make you part of her.