SAP520 (Download and Instructions)

Supporting documents to accompany the application for your temporary importation permit. You can download the import application form SAPS 520 below and follow the important instructions.
*Please read carefully and complete the SAP520 as per the instructions below instructions.

Download Link: Firearm Import Application (SAP250)

Download Link: Instructions (As per below)

1.SAPS 520 Application form for import of firearms. A copy of the South African Police Service SAPS 520 must be completed in Black ink. Not all the sections apply to you. Visitors bringing their own firearms in for hunting purposes should only complete the following sections:
Section  D: Mark no. 5 (temporary import or export)
Section  E: Complete 1 through 25.4 (spouse/partner or contact person to be completed)
Section  G: Complete 1 through 9.2
Section  I: (must complete all requested details about firearms and ammunition) Note: I – 1.7 “Barrel serial number”- not necessary if barrel is solidly connected to the receiver, as are most bolt action rifles, and the receiver has a serial number and the barrel does not have a serial number.  This is only necessary if the barrel has a different serial number than the receiver’s serial number or if there is no serial number on the receiver and the only serial number is located on the solidly attached barrel, as in some custom made bolt action rifles.)
• Section  J: Complete 1 through 4

2.Motivation/Application Letter addressed to The Central Firearms Register stating that you have been invited by the outfitter to hunt in South Africa.  The letter must include full name, physical address, phone numbers, license number of the Outfitter and Province of the Outfitter.  Also full details of the kind of hunting and firearms, which you intend to use for that purpose. (see example attached)

3.A certified (notarized) copy of a license, permit, authorization or any other documentary proof confirming the lawful possession of the firearm. slots Blackjack CashBlackjack TopBlackjack Top
• The US Customs form 4457 OR
• Letter from your local sheriff in the form of an affidavit confirming ownership of your firearms OR
• A copy of your US firearm licenses OR
• Proof of ownership (certified letter or invoice from your gun dealer).

 NOTE: The proof of ownership must have the MAKE, CALIBER and SERIAL number on the document.                                           

4.A written authorization which permits export from country of origin. (If not supplied by country of origin – written confirmation is required).
• For all US Citizens, US Customs form 4457 (one copy is sufficient for proof of ownership as well as proof of export from country of origin).

5.If applying at the port of entry – airline tickets to be produced.

6.Documentary proof with regard to the purpose of the visit issued by any one of the following persons or institutions, in South Africa confirming that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the applicant will be using the firearm for the purpose set out in the application:
• A professional hunter or outfitter licensed to conduct business in hunting, which will provide hunting to the foreign visitor. (this will be the invitation confirmation letter from your outfitter.)

7.Passport: A notarized certified copy of you passport documents, (which have a free minimum of two pages and a minimum of four months validity after the termination of you hunt.)

You need to insure that:

• You have a maximum of three firearms, not more than one of the same caliber.
• The frame, barrel and action are marked with the same serial number, (if not take it to your gunsmith and have it done).
• You may only bring ammunition for firearms you will be bringing into South Africa.
• You may only bring maximum 200 rounds per caliber.
• All proof of ownership and passport copies must be notarized original copies.
• For semi-automatic or pump action firearms, both the client and the outfitter must supply a letter stating the reason for wanting to bring a semi-automatic/pump action.
• If you wish to bring a semi-automatic shotgun for bird hunting, Pump action, or a custom made handgun the application should arrive 30 days prior to arrival.
• For handguns, the outfitter will need to supply a letter confirming that the handgun will be used for hunting purposes only, OR the manufacturer will need to supply a letter stating that the gun was produced for hunting purposes only, OR the client will need to supply a letter stating their intentions to use the handgun for hunting purposes only.

This seems like a big hassle, but it’s not all that complicated. If you have any problems filling out the SAPS 520 please don’t hesitate to mail or call us for assistance.